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Volume 45, Number 1
13 March 2013
Bradley H. Kerr

In this March 25, 2005 photo, Cardinal Camillo Ruini leads the Way of the Cross procession at the Colosseum on Good Friday. The prayers that year were composed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who weeks later became Pope Benedict XVI. (photo: CNS/Greg Tarcynski)

On Good Friday in 2005, a large crowd gathered at the Colosseum in Rome. They were there to pray a traditional devotion with special meditations composed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger: the Way of the Cross, which follows Christ’s journey to Calvary. Weeks later, the cardinal would become Pope Benedict XVI.

Here is an excerpt of the prayers and meditations that were read that day:

Lord, you opened the eyes and heart of Simon of Cyrene, and you gave him, by his share in your cross, the grace of faith. Help us to aid our neighbors in need, even when this interferes with our own plans and desires. Help us to realize that it is a grace to be able to share the cross of others and, in this way, know that we are walking with you along the way. Help us to appreciate with joy that, when we share in your suffering and the sufferings of this world, we become servants of salvation and are able to help build up your Body, the church.

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