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March, 2019
Volume 45, Number 1
9 January 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

Ukrainian demonstrators who favor joining the European Union receive hot food near Independence Square in Kiev on 27 December. Ukrainian opposition leaders urged supporters to stay in Kiev’s main square through the New Year, as street protests appeared to be losing momentum. (photo: CNS/Gleb Garanich, Reuters)

Battle of Orthodox patriarchs: Ukraine’s Filaret denounces Russia’s Kirill (Kiev Post) Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has decried the Maidan Square demonstrations as a threat to the spiritual unity of Ukrainians and Russians. Patriarch Filaret of Kiev and all Rus-Ukraine disagrees. “If we take the idea that Kirill defends — Rusky Mir [“Russian World”] — it is not unity; it is empire wrapped in a nice package. In fact, it is about creating a new empire. The Customs Union is the beginning,” said Patriarch Filaret, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s revival of an economic and political union of former Soviet republics including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. Putin also hopes to include Ukraine, the second-largest former Soviet republic, in the grouping. The patriarch added: “The truth is to practice the Orthodox faith, and each nation will have its own independent church, as required by the canons of the church…”

Sisi cheered at Coptic Christmas liturgy in Egypt (ANSAmed) Armed forces chief Abdel Fattah al Sisi scored a major victory at the Christmas liturgy in Cairo’s Abassaiya Orthodox Cathedral on Tuesday. Though absent for security reasons, the defense minister leading the country’s new phase received wild cheers after Pope Tawadros II mentioned his name among those who had sent messages of well wishes to Christians celebrating the festivity, Al Ahram online reported Tuesday…

In Egypt, many shrug as freedoms disappear (Washington Post) The charges are often vague. The evidence is elusive. Arrests occur swiftly, and the convictions follow. And there is little transparency in what analysts have called the harshest political crackdown in Egypt in decades. But many Egyptians say they are all right with that. There is a growing sense here in the Arab world’s largest country that the best path to stability — after three years of political turmoil — might be to do things the military’s way: crush the Islamists who made people angry enough to support a coup, silence dissent and ask very few questions…

Holy Land: in the footsteps of Paul VI (Vatican Radio) On Sunday, 5 January, Pope Francis specified how the main purpose of his forthcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 24-26 May is to commemorate the historic meeting between Pope Paul VI and Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople 50 years ago. Pope Paul VI, referred to as “pilgrim pope,” took many such steps to bring the papacy to the people — and, convinced that all roads no longer led to Rome, he became the first pope ever to board an airplane. Less than a year into his pontificate, Paul VI became the first pope to return to the Holy land after St. Peter himself…

Stretched thin, Syrian extremists are pressured (Washington Post) Just a week ago, Al Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria enjoyed an arc of dominance across the country’s north and east, ruling with brutality. But a series of stunning reversals in recent days has made clear that the militant group may be more vulnerable than it seemed, in part because its frequent kidnappings and attacks on fellow rebels have won it few allies. By Tuesday, the group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, appeared increasingly desperate, with its fighters pushed out of some towns and turning to suicide bombings in a bid to hold on to pockets of Raqqa, the large north-central city that was its stronghold…

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