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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
23 July 2015
J.D. Conor Mauro

Major Archbishop George Alencherry, who leads the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, offers the Rev. Joseph Kodakallil a sign of his office as bishop of the Eparchy of Satna. (photo: M.L. Thomas, CNEWA)

New bishop for Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Satna (Vatican Radio) The pope has named the Rev. Joseph Kodakallil as bishop of the Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Satna in Madhya Pradesh, India. The announcement was made on 22 July 2015 simultaneously by Pope Francis at the Vatican and Major Archbishop George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, at the Indian church’s headquarters at Kakkanad…

Water cuts in Aleppo threaten children amid intense heat wave (UNICEF) The restoration of water supplies to the city of Aleppo has come as a relief to residents whose taps have run dry in recent weeks due to the fighting and frequent power cuts. The disruption to piped water supplies —in some cases deliberately implemented by parties to the conflict — increased the risk of water-borne disease especially among children. “These water cuts came at the worst possible time, while Syrians are suffering in an intense summer heat wave,” said Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria. “Some neighborhoods have been without running water for nearly three weeks, leaving hundreds of thousands of children thirsty, dehydrated and vulnerable to disease…”

What will happen to the children of Syria? (Middle East Eye) Eid ul Fitr, a religious holiday directly after Ramadan, is supposed to be a joyous occasion — especially for children, who could always expect new clothes, toys, fun games and extra pocket money. Not so for the children of Aleppo, many of whom have already lived through four wartime Eids, and spent this one hauling plastic containers of water from nearby wells to their homes. The water and power supply had been cut to the city for three weeks, and the only way to get water was to queue up outside communal wells in the sweltering summer heat, a job mostly left to minors as the adults were too exhausted by their ritual fast…

Patriarch calls lives of Middle East Christians ‘bad’ and ‘less bad’ (National Catholic Reporter) Christians in the Middle East are facing difficulties ranging from “bad” to “less bad,” said Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem. While describing the condition of the Palestinians in the West Bank as “bad,” he said their situation is better than the challenges faced by Christians in Syria and Iraq, especially those who have been forced to flee homes. The patriarch pushed again for an end to hostilities throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East. “We condemn those who sell [military] arms to help [maintain the war] in Syria,” he told Catholic News Service in July. “It is a pity. We have never reached this level of violence. We preach, we hope, we weep. In all of the Middle East it is not a normal life…”

Group: Israel advances Jewish settlement plans in West Bank (Daily Star Lebanon) An Israeli settlement watchdog group says Israel has advanced plans to build or retroactively approve 1,065 housing units in West Bank Jewish settlements. Peace Now said on Thursday that an Israeli military committee retroactively approved 24 housing units in the Beit El settlement, though Israel’s Supreme Court ordered them demolished by the end of July because they were built on private Palestinian lands…

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