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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
7 June 2018
Greg Kandra

Archbishop Bernadito Auza underscored the importance of faith-based organizations in helping migrants. He addressed an event at the UN on 4 June. (photo: Vatican News)

Holy See commends service of faith-based organizations to migrants (Vatican News) The Holy See has underscored the importance of faith-based organizations in providing protection and integration to migrants. Their efforts, alongside those of other key stakeholders, are essential in helping implement the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), the first intergovernmental agreement coordinated by the United Nations that will cover all dimensions of international migration…

To go or not to go: Syrians’ dilemma in Lebanon (Gulf News) With the Syrian regime seemingly on the path to winning the war, there have been growing calls in host countries for the refugees to go back. Nowhere else has this been more pronounced than in Lebanon…

Rights group: Gaza children on brink of mental health crisis (Al Jazeera) A generation of children in the besieged Gaza Strip are on the brink of a mental health crisis, a children rights group said. ”A whole generation of children in Gaza is balancing on a knife edge where one more shock could have devastating life-long consequences,” Marcia Brophy, a senior health adviser at Save the Children, said in a statement..

Tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia in territorial waters (Newsweek) kraine’s navy is in a state of heightened alert in the Sea of Azov, a body of water shared by the Eastern European nation and Russia. ”The security service said: ’Watch closely, the Russians are preparing countermeasures. They are planning seizures and hijackings of Ukrainian ships,’” a Ukrainian shipowner told Radio Free Europe in a video published on Wednesday…

Soccer match canceled over Jerusalem (The New York Times) A decision by Argentina’s national soccer team to cancel a World Cup warm-up match against Israel after protests by Palestinian activists has set off hand-wringing and recrimination here in a nation obsessed with the sport and geopolitics…

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