Summer 1977


Women in Transition
Whether wearing colorful robes and headdresses of desert lands or fashionable Western garb, Middle Eastern women have in common the experience of rapid societal change.
by Veronica J. Treanor

Eastern Liturgical Music
Music in the Eastern Church is a link between the faithful and the divine.
by Sister Eileen Dolan, S.C.; photos by Liana C. Cersosimo

Byblos and the Bible
An ancient site in a small town in Lebanon holds keys to the Scriptures.
text and photos by Rev. Leon V. Kofod

Eastern Rite Sacraments
In Eastern Rite Churches, the seven “mysteries” are characterized by true beauty of form and richness of symbolic content.
by Monsignor Basil Shereghy; photos by Rev. Austin Mohrbacher

A Moslem Prayer

Saint of the East: St. Catherine of Alexandria
A woman in Egypt challenges the Emperor of Rome in the name of God.