Winter 1977


Christmas Is for Children
Reflections on the magic and mystery of Christmas, for children of all ages.
by F.C. Edward; photos: P.W.P.D.

Ephpheta…Where Miracles are a Daily Occurrence
Thanks to the Ephpheta Institute, hearing-impaired children in Bethlehem are learning to speak.
photos by Garo Photo Studio

Apostles of Reunion in Greece: The Catholic Exarchate of the Byzantine Rite
The Catholic Exarchate of the Byzantine Rite in Athens continues its work toward unity between the churches of Greece and Rome.
text and photos by Rev. Anthony Vakondios

Syria: The Lasting Conquest
The entry of Paul into Damascus brought also the power of the Word of God.
by Djinna Gochis; photos by Rev. Leon V. Kofod

The Monasteries of Wadi Natrun
Coptic Catholics in Egypt continue the monastic tradition in ancient desert monasteries.
text and photographs by Duncan MacInnes

Meditation: God’s Pattern
God’s design for us is in his Son.
by George Martin

Saint of the East: St. John Damascene
A defender of Christianity, John of Damascene wrote and preached against heresy in the Eastern Church.