July – August 2002


Our World
Stories and events from around the world of CNEWA.

Little Armenia
Traditions are important to those who settle in a new country.
text and photographs by Armineh Johannes

Poorest of the Poor
Saving the children of Ethiopia is one man’s dream.
compiled by CNEWA WORLD staff

Upper Egypt’s Copts
Coptic Christians strive to improve the lot of all Egyptians.
text and photographs by Sean Sprague

A People Without a Country
Palestinians search for a homeland seemingly beyond their reach.
by Peg Maron

Ancient Christians, Modern Mission
Southists in Kerala, India, merge past and present.
text and photographs by Sean Sprague

Guru vs. Cleric
There is a dual aspect to priesthood – a priest must be a man of God and a man of the church.
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern