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A Gift of Life Insurance

Let your generosity live on. Donate your life insurance to CNEWA Canada.   (photo: John E. Kozar) 

Help poor families for years to come — and the churches they depend on — with a gift of life insurance to CNEWA.

You can donate life insurance to CNEWA Canada in four different ways:

•  New policy: Give a new life
   insurance policy and name
   CNEWA Canada as the owner
   and beneficiary.

•  Paid-up policy:Transfer
   ownership of a paid-up
   insurance policy that is no
   longer needed and name
                                                                       CNEWA Canada as the owner
                                                                       and beneficiary.

  • Existing policy: Transfer ownership of an existing policy on which premiums are still owed.
  • Named beneficiary: Name CNEWA Canada as the primary beneficiary of a policy but retain ownership.

You will receive a tax receipt depending on the way your insurance was gifted.

The biggest benefit of donating your life insurance policy to CNEWA Canada is the good that your gift will accomplish for the poor and the churches in the troubled lands of the East.

If the idea interests you, please talk to your tax advisor and insurance broker.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you can contact Carl Hétu at 1-866-322-4441 or
Charitable registration #86775 7502 RR0001