Ways to Give

CNEWA serves in a variety of regions around the world and you can help us help others in many ways — from sponsorships for needy children to building churches to clean water projects. Any donation may be a gift for someone else — just tell us who!

Fight Child Hunger in Ethiopia

Thanks to generous donors like you, CNEWA was able to answer the Ethiopian Catholic Diocese of Adigrat’s call. Read more...

Sponsor a Seminarian
$84.00 per month

Help one eager seminarian respond to the call of the Lord with your prayers and generous financial assistance. Read more...

Sponsor a Sister
$56.00 per month

In God’s name, religious sisters devote their lives to serving the vulnerable. They have a lot of energy, infectious spirits, big hearts and tremendous faith. Read more...

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Support a Future Priest
$1,008.00 per seminarian

Support a seminarian from St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary in Vadavathoor. Read more...

Scholarships for Deaf Children
$1,200.00 per child

Open the ears of a deaf child from Palestine with a scholarship to the Ephpheta Institute. Read more...

Send Christian Youths on a Spiritual Retreat
$1,000.00 funds one retreat

Help youth to keep their Christian identity.

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