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2015 Middle East Report

Emergency Aid: CNEWA provided milk, diapers, winter kits, clothing, food packages, mattresses and blankets to those most in need.

CNEWA has raised $2,397,005 (USD) for aid in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Healthcare: CNEWA has constructed and equipped two dispensaries in Erbil and Dohuk, and two mobile clinics serving villages outside Erbil and refugees living near Zakho; the three facilities in the Erbil area serve an average of 650 patients per day.

Education: CNEWA has furnished a school for some 600 students in Erbil and is providing equipment to a rented school, including operational costs, for at least a year; CNEWA will furnish three other schools for displaced students in Erbil, Dohuk and Zakho.

Emergency Aid: CNEWA provided milk, diapers and winter clothing to 4,985 children in 13 displacement centres.

CNEWA has raised $2,907,342 (USD) for aid in Lebanon since August 2014.

Healthcare: CNEWA has provided some 1,560 patients — Syrian, Iraqi and poor Lebanese — with care and medicines through the Good Shepherd Sisters’ St. Anthony Dispensary and the Karagheusian Center in Bourj Hammoud. CNEWA also provided 450 Syrian displaced mothers with trauma healing and spiritual counselling.

Education: CNEWA offered 1,160 Syrian children as well as 591 Iraqi Christian students with remedial programs, books and tutoring classes. These were implemented with five partners: Good Shepherd Sisters in Deir el Ahmar; the Karagheusian Social Center in Bourj Hammoud; the Joint Christian Committee in Dbayeh camp; the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Achkout; and the Syriac Catholic Patriarchate in Beirut.

Emergency Aid: Distributing food and non-food packages to 2,235 Iraqi families — including mattresses, blankets, diaper bags and winter kits for children.

With the help of benefactors and donors, CNEWA has raised an additional $487,718 (USD) for programs in Jordan — initiatives that largely help Syrians and Iraqis who face persecution or life-threatening danger.

Healthcare: In the realm of healthcare, these funds have supported two hospitals and a clinic that has provided medical assistance to more than 2,390 refugees and psychological programs benefitting close to 300 Iraqi refugees.

Education: Close to $60,000 US has been invested in education — from summer camps, tutoring classes to faith formation classes and courses in English — which have benefited more than 1,300 persons of all ages.

Emergency Aid: CNEWA continues to distribute essential emergency supplies for refugees who find themselves with lodging — such as empty apartments — without amenities or essential furniture. CNEWA provides basic needs such as mattresses, pillows, blankets and kerosene heaters, which are desperately needed due to cold winter conditions in Jordan. Every day more and more families come knocking at CNEWA’s door for similar assistance.

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