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Iraq Crisis Response 2016

Spiritual Support
3,191 children and teenagers in Iraq, all Christians and all affected by the emotional wounds of war, participated in spiritual retreats sponsored by our supporters. You also funded retreats, trauma counseling and a summer Bible camp in Jordan, benefiting hundreds of children and families. In Lebanon, you provided trauma counseling to 487 mothers and their children and provided religious education to 100 Christian boys and girls.

Building Up the Church
Finally, you supported the spiritual formation of young men and women to serve the Christians of Iraq as parish priests, religious sisters and lay evangelists. Without your help during this time of violence and disorder, Iraqi Christianity could not survive.

Looking Ahead
The needs of displaced Iraqis remain great, even as their situation stabilizes. Unemployment is high, particularly in Jordan and Lebanon, where refugees cannot work legally. Poverty is soaring as host communities struggle to absorb those seeking safety. Looking at the Nineveh Plain, from where the crisis began, much of the area is free of ISIS but the displaced cannot return home. Mines litter the agricultural fields, and houses, schools, churches and mosques are burned out shells.

Thank you for helping CNEWA Canada to meet these challenges. Because of you, we can continue to assist the refugees of Iraq. Your support has never been more important.

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