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Our World
(from Catholic Near East Spring 1989)

Encouraging Mideast Peace
Posted: 01 Mar 1989

Pope John Paul II marked the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People with an urgent call for an end to the suffering of Palestinian refugees and for encouragement of efforts promoting dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Holy Father said: “I urge that every positive and constructive action which might come from one side or the other be considered with sincere goodwill. The path of dialogue in the search for peace is certainly long and hard, but every obstacle that is removed from that path must be seen as a real advance, one surely worthy of inspiring other like gestures and the trust necessary to go on.”

He asked for “fervent prayer … that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, each accepting sincerely the legitimate aspirations of the other as well as their own, might find a solution which allows each of them to live in their own homeland with freedom, dignity, and security.”