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Responding to Urgent Human Needs

image (photo: Gabriel Delmonaco) 

Though not an emergency relief organization, CNEWA has a history of taking action when disasters strike. We often respond to those urgent needs that are overlooked or too modest to be addressed by larger aid agencies.

With your generous help, we work with those who know the communities and their urgent needs well: local clergy, religious and lay leaders and church organizations such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Last year, your aid supported:

  • The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary as they provided food, blankets, clothes, heaters and kitchen sets for Iraqi refugees in Jordan.
  • Syria’s Good Shepherd Sisters, who helped feed, house and provide medical care to Iraqi refugee mothers.
  • Caritas Ukraine, for emergency flood relief to families in western Ukraine displaced by the worst flooding in a century.
  • The Maronite archbishop of Jbeil and the Melkite Greek Catholic bishop of Tyre, who helped sick and disadvantaged women, children, farmers and the elderly with hospitalization and medication fees.
  • The Rosary Sisters, as they removed debris, reconstructed pillars, replaced shattered windows and painted classrooms in Gaza damaged during Israel’s military invasion.