Fall 1985


The Sacramental Appeal of Youth
No matter what faith or culture, we can look to the young people in our lives to remind us of our spiritual potential.
by Michael Healy

Theotokos: Birth Giver to God
The Eastern tradition of venerating the Virgin Mary differs from that of the Latin, or Western, tradition.
by Rev. Romanos V. Russo

“The Way to Do Is to Be”
Throughout India women religious share their Christian spirit by helping those in need.
text and photos by Sister Christian Molidor, R.S.M.

Antioch: Crossroads of Faith
The city of Antioch, a significant seat of Christian history, is also a fundamental part of the history of many faiths.
by Sister Jean David Finley, O.P.

The Eloquent Witness of John Chrysostom
An ascetic monk from the fourth century is still a model for Christian life today.
by Michael Healy