Images of Faith in Armenia

by Judith Männ

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Armenia is in a state of siege. The war with Azerbaijan over Naghorno Karabakh, an Armenian enclave situated in Azerbaijan, the blockade imposed by Turkey, and the violent civil war in neighboring Georgia have exhausted a nation still recuperating from the tragedies of communism and the devastating earthquake in December 1988.

Last April photographer Judith Mann traveled to Armenia and captured many images of its historic sites and heroic people.

“In ways I can hardly understand, the Armenians are a people of incredible tenacity,” the Oregon-based photographer said recently.

“Their sense of time spans centuries. St. Gregory the Illuminator, the patron saint of Armenia, is as alive today as he was in the early fourth century. The Armenian people’s attachment to their mythology helps them to cope; it gives them the courage to carry on – they have been through this before.”

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