The Vine Tree Hymn of Our Lady

An ancient Ethiopian hymn to the Mother of God. The hymn is sung in Ge’ez, the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Church.


I seek your grace, Oh Mary my Mother!
You are the fruit of Anna and Joachim.

You are a vine tree
Oh Mary!

You are like the alphabet.
You gave birth to the Gospel.
You gave us the Cross.

You are like the heavens.
You gave birth to the Son.
You gave us the Savior.

You are like a banquet.
You gave birth to the Star.
You satiate the hungry.

You are like the tabernacle.
You gave birth to the Altar.
You gave the heavenly.

You are like the cloud.
You gave birth to the Eucharist.
You gave us health.

You are like fragrance.
You gave birth to the Savior.
You heal the sick.

You are like the East.
You gave birth to Thunder.
You clothe the ragged.

You are the bride of the Father.
You are the mother of the Son.
You are the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

You bless those who eat
The Body of Your Son and
Drink the Blood of your Son.

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