Spring 1977


Springtime in the Holy Land
A photo essay on the season of rebirth in the Holy Land.
photos by Rev. Leon V. Kofod

Hard to Believe
Even today, the story of the Risen Christ challenges the faithful.
by Charles F.X. Dolan, S.J.; art direction/illustration by Dick Malin

The Franciscan Friars of the Holy Land
Where Christian communities in the Holy Land are in need, the Franciscan Friars are there to help.
photos: P.W.P.D.

Chaldean Rite Catholics: Christians with a distinct spirituality
Chaldean Rite Catholics follow ancient, special traditions of their own.
by Dennis Como, S.J.

Cyprus: An Island Rich in Christian Tradition
The Mediterranean island of Cyprus continues its strong Christian tradition.
by A.V. Crawford

God Is Light
art direction/illustration by Dick Malin

Saint of the East: Saint Helena
The mother of Constantine leads others to the True Cross of Christ.
art direction/illustration by Dick Malin