Fight Poverty in Ukraine

(photo: Petro Didula)

Since the fall of the USSR in 1991, the Ukrainian Catholic Church — which was persecuted and was forced to exist underground since 1946 — came out strong. Since its resurrection, the church has been rebuilding the country’s spiritual and social fabric that was destroyed by decades of communism.

Ukraine remains among the least-developed countries in Europe, with millions of its citizens living in poverty. Those hit hardest are the elderly, orphaned children and people with special needs.

In addition, Ukraine is troubled with an H.I.V./AIDS epidemic and a surge in human trafficking. In recent years, more than seven million Ukrainians have left the country searching for work in Western Europe — often without legal documents and any social protection.

Among all these sad facts, there is some good news: the local churches are active in all spheres of social life and provide help to the most vulnerable so that they can live in dignity. But the church can’t do it alone.

Will you make a generous donation to help the Ukrainian Catholic Church be the sign of hope and the light of Christ in these troubled times?

Carl Hétu
National Director

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