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Pilgrims Baptized in Jordan River
Catholic News Service (10 January 2012)
QASR EL-YEHUD, West Bank (CNS) With 8 year-old grandson Jamal in tow, Hajeh Mattar made her way across a wooden platform alongside the Jordan River. Her plan: to baptize him in the waters of the river at the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism.

West Bank Priest Calls on President Obama
Catholic News Service (14 June 2012)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — U.S. President Barack Obama must be more pro-active in his support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rather than denigrating his ability to bring about a peace agreement with Israel, said a West Bank priest.

Bethlehem University Appoints First Female V.P.
Catholic News Service (24 September 2012)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Thirty-five years after the first class graduated from Bethlehem University, one of its members became the first woman and Palestinian to hold the Catholic school’s highest academic position.

Christmas in the Holy Land: Family and Community
Catholic News Service (18 December 2012)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — The simmering smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in Catholic parishes across the West Bank and Israel heralds the start of the Christmas season in early December as families prepare burbara, the special wheat pudding eaten to mark the feast day of St. Barbara, known as Eid al Burbara in Arabic.

Building the Good Life on the Hills of the West Bank
Catholic News Service (31 May 2013)
RAWABI, West Bank (CNS) — About 20 minutes from the Palestinian economic hub of Ramallah, the new city of Rawabi is sprouting on a rocky hillside.

Summer Camp Elates Palestinian Children
Catholic News Service (11 July 2013)
TUBA, West Bank (CNS) — In this tiny South Hebron Hills encampment of tents and cave dwellings, where camels cling to the sandy hillside and hardy goats scrounge for shoots of brush and desert grasses, it is summer camp time for the children.

Pope Urges Palestinian Refugees to Look to Future
Catholic News Service (25 May 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Pope Francis told young Palestinian refugees to look to the future and to always work and strive for the things they wanted.

Pope Says His ‘Most Authentic’ Gestures in Holy Land Were Spontaneous
Catholic News Service (28 May 2014)
ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM TEL AVIV (CNS) — During an inflight news conference May 26 on his return to Rome from the Holy Land, Pope Francis answered several questions about his just-ended three-day visit, giving reporters insights into his thinking and glimpses behind the scenes of the high-profile events.

West Bank Town Takes Pride in Links to St. Nicholas
Catholic News Service (15 December 2014)
BEIT JALA, West Bank (CNS) — Bethlehem might have the Church of the Nativity, but residents of this largely Christian town adjacent to Bethlehem say they have St. Nicholas.

Court Blocks Israeli Plan to Extend Separation Wall in Cremisan Valley
Catholic News Service (3 April 2015)
BEIT JALA, West Bank (CNS) — Israel’s Supreme Court blocked a plan to build a separation barrier through the Cremisan Valley in the West Bank that would have divided a Catholic monastery, a convent and adjacent olive vineyards.

Limits on Movement Around Jerusalem Frustrate Catholic Arab Family
Catholic News Service (3 April 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — On Good Friday, Abeer Atallah, who lives in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa in East Jerusalem, was unable to attend a prayer service marking Jesus’ Passion and death in the Old City as she would have liked.

Jordan Bank of River Where Jesus Baptized Declared UNESCO Heritage Site
Catholic News Service (15 July 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — UNESCO declared Bethany Beyond the Jordan, on the eastern side of the Jordan River, as a World Heritage site and the location of Jesus’ baptism.

Priest Offers Mass Daily at Destroyed West Bank Olive Orchards
Catholic News Service (9 September 2015)
BEIT JALA, West Bank (CNS) — Since hundreds of olive trees were uprooted to make room for a separation barrier through the Cremisan Valley adjacent to this largely Christian village, Father Aktham Hijazin, Annunciation Parish priest, has been celebrating Mass daily behind red-and-white police tape.

Beer Festival Offers “Peaceful Resistance” to Middle East Conflicts
Catholic News Service (21 September 2015)
TAYBEH, West Bank (CNS) — As Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem once again became embroiled in violence, locals and guests in Taybeh were enjoying ice-cold beers, grilled meats, frosted doughnuts and throbbing music as the all-Christian Palestinian village celebrated its 11th Oktoberfest.

Unrest Flares Again in West Bank, Jerusalem
Catholic News Service (5 October 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Unrest flared in early October throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, which has experienced tensions during September, largely over the status of the contested holy site of the Temple Mount or Haram al Sharif.

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Picture of the Day: A Christian Village
A retired priest sits near a painting of St. Lawrence at the Beit Afram home for the elderly in Taybeh. (photo: Rich Wiles)

Picture of the Day: A Wall Divides Them
In this unpublished photo from 2004, a Palestinian mother and child await passage through the Israeli security barrier near the Arab village of Bethany. (photo: Kevin Unger)

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Catholic Leaders Condemn Planned Route of Wall
The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land condemns the planned route of the separation wall in Cremisan valley.

Snow in Bethlehem
Photos from the unusual snowy weather in the Holy Land

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Picture of the Day: Palestinian Summer
Youths from the South Hebron Hills kick around a soccer ball at summer camp in the West Bank village of Tuba on 28 June. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)

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Picture of the Day: A Church Is Reborn in Bethlehem
Italian Marcello Piacenti, project manager on the renovation of the roof of the Church of the Nativity, points to a mosaic from 1100, the Crusader period, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)

Prayers for Peace
On the feast of Pentecost, Sunday, 8 June, the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, and the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, will gather in the Vatican with Pope Francis to pray for peace in the Holy Land.

Visiting Bethlehem’s Mayor
Melodie Gabriel shares a story from CNEWA Canada’s recent visit to the Holy Land with members of the Catholic Women’s League.

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Picture of the Day: Greetings from Bethlehem
Fadi Hazboun, 20, takes a selfie of with his Catholic family from Nazareth in front of the Christmas tree in Manger Square outside the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank, on 21 December. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)

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Picture of the Day: West Bank Tourists and Locals Mingle
Palestinians and foreign tourists take part in the Santa Run outside the Cremisan Monastery on 7 December in Beit Jala, West Bank. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)