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Trappist Monastery Near Jerusalem Vandalized
Catholic News Service (6 September 2012)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Vandals burned the door of a Trappist monastery outside Jerusalem and spray- painted a wall with the names of illegal Israeli outposts, one of which had been evacuated two days earlier.

Update on Iraq
Catholic News Service (4 June 2013)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Five schools in Gaza — two Catholic and three Christian — face closure if the Hamas government follows through on an order forbidding coeducational institutions, said the director general of Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine and Israel.

Holy Land Catholic Leaders: Stop Speaking of Christian Persecution
Catholic News Service (4 April 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Repeated references to persecution of Christians, “usually referring only to what Christians suffer at the hands of criminals claiming to be Muslims, plays into the hands of extremists,” said Catholic leaders in the Holy Land.

In Holy Land, Pope Francis to Focus on Unity Without Ignoring Conflict
Catholic News Service (16 May 2014)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — On Pope Francis’ first trip to the Holy Land, May 24-26, his agenda will focus on the search for Christian unity, particularly between the Catholic and Orthodox churches. But inevitably, in a region so rich in history and so fraught with conflict, he will address other urgent issues, including dialogue with Jews and Muslims, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the plight of the Middle East’s shrinking Christian population.

Pope Says His Holy Land Trip Will Be ‘Strictly Religious’
Catholic News Service (22 May 2014)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Asking prayers for his 24-26 May trip to the Holy Land, Pope Francis said his visit to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories would be “strictly religious.”

Struggle for Rights at Cenacle Shows Issues With Jerusalem Holy Sites
Catholic News Service (23 May 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — The attention drawn to the Cenacle by extremist Jewish groups has put a damper on the hopes for negotiations over the site, said Franciscan Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, custos of the Holy Land.

Bethlehem Residents Look Forward to Papal Visit, Despite Inconveniences
Catholic News Service (23 May 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — A long line of cars trailed down the road next to the Church of the Nativity as Franciscan Father Ibrahim Faltas helped coordinate the placement of the electricity generator for the 25 May papal Mass.

Pope, Arriving in Holy Land, Calls for Religious Freedom in Middle East
Catholic News Service (24 May 2014)
AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — Pope Francis began a densely packed visit to the Holy Land with a call for religious freedom in the Middle East, including respect for the right to change one’s religion.

In Bethlehem, Near Site of Christ’s Birth, Pope Speaks Out for Children
Catholic News Service (25 May 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Celebrating Mass a few steps from the spot traditionally believed to the birthplace of Jesus, Pope Francis said that the way society treats its young reveals its moral character.

Families Tell Pope Their Concerns During Lunch in Bethlehem
Catholic News Service (25 May 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — When Elias Abu Mohor entered the Casa Nova convent for lunch with Pope Francis, he was surprised to realize he would be sitting at the same table with the pontiff.

Francis Thanks Religious for Their Presence in Holy Land
Catholic News Service (27 May 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Pope Francis dedicated his final hours in Jerusalem to time with local Catholics, reminding them that despite difficulties, God is always by their side.

Phone Calls, Evacuations: Gaza’s Christians Work Together to Stay Safe
Catholic News Service (14 July 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Members of the tiny Christian community in the Gaza Strip have been keeping tabs on each other and lending a helping hand to keep each other safe during Israeli airstrikes throughout the region, but nowhere in the territory is really safe, said a priest at the territory’s only Catholic parish.

For Some Middle East Catholics, Church Is Anchor of Hope Amid Violence
Catholic News Service (28 July 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — As the death toll in Gaza surpasses 1,000, violent demonstrations in the West Bank leave dead and wounded, and an entire Christian community is exiled from the Iraqi city of Mosul by Islamic extremists, Christians in the Holy Land find themselves facing harsh realities.

Pope to Gaza’s Catholics: Be Christ’s Witness in Midst of Conflict
Catholic News Service (29 August 2014)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The priest leading the Gaza Strip’s only Catholic parish met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, thanking him for his support of those suffering in the war-torn territory.

East Jerusalem Tour Heightens U.S. Bishops’ Awareness of Complexities
Catholic News Service (12 September 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — U.S. bishops visiting the Holy Land said an on-the-ground tour and briefing about the situation in East Jerusalem heightened their awareness of the settlement issue in the divided city.

Patriarchs Urge Westerners to Ensure Christians Can Remain in Middle East
Catholic News Service (15 September 2014)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — United in the suffering of their people, five Catholic and Orthodox patriarchs from the Middle East urged Westerners to take action to help ensure that Christians and other minorities can remain in the Middle East.

U.S. Bishops Plan to Be Stronger Advocates for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Catholic News Service (22 September 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — American bishops were returning to their dioceses after a nine-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a stronger resolve to advocate for peace and to urge the U.S. government to take a leadership role in ushering Israelis and Palestinians toward peace, a member of the delegation said.

For Arab Christians, Getting to Bethlehem Involves Checks, Imbalances
Catholic News Service (22 December 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Coming to Bethlehem during Christmas is like a family reunion for Afif Hazboun.

Jordan’s Churches Condemn Pilot’s Murder, Offer Prayers
Catholic News Service (4 February 2015)
AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — Christian churches in Jordan condemned the Islamic State militants’ killing of First Lt. Muath al Kasasbeh, a Jordanian pilot who had been held in captivity by the jihadist group.

Limits on Movement Around Jerusalem Frustrate Catholic Arab Family
Catholic News Service (3 April 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — On Good Friday, Abeer Atallah, who lives in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa in East Jerusalem, was unable to attend a prayer service marking Jesus’ Passion and death in the Old City as she would have liked.

Latin Patriarch: Help Light of Peace Emerge From War
Catholic News Service (6 April 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Christians in the Middle East are called to help the light of peace emerge from the violence and anguish of war in much of the region, drawing inspiration from the resurrected Jesus, Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal said in his Easter homily.

In Destroyed Israeli Village, Exiled Residents Unite at the Church
Catholic News Service (15 April 2015)
IQRIT, Israel (CNS) — For the elders of Iqrit, their biggest regret in life is not having been able to raise their children together. On April 13, they congregated with the younger generations in the old Church of St. Mary for Easter Monday Mass in this destroyed Melkite village perched on a sloping hill in Western Galilee.

Christian Leaders Hope Palestinian Saints Can Be Intercessors for Peace
Catholic News Service (8 May 2015)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Christian leaders in the Holy Land hope two new Palestinian saints will become intercessors for peace and a bridge among faiths.

Religious Leaders Decry Arson at Church of Multiplication in Holy Land
Catholic News Service (19 June 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — The Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land issued a strong condemnation against an early morning arson attack on the Benedictine Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee on 18 June.

Israel’s Christian Students Demonstrate Against Cuts in School Budgets
Catholic News Service (8 September 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — As Israeli students began their second week of classes on 6 September, thousands of students and teachers from Christian schools converged in front of the Israeli prime minister’s office to protest government budget cuts to their schools.

Priest Offers Mass Daily at Destroyed West Bank Olive Orchards
Catholic News Service (9 September 2015)
BEIT JALA, West Bank (CNS) — Since hundreds of olive trees were uprooted to make room for a separation barrier through the Cremisan Valley adjacent to this largely Christian village, Father Aktham Hijazin, Annunciation Parish priest, has been celebrating Mass daily behind red-and-white police tape.

Beer Festival Offers “Peaceful Resistance” to Middle East Conflicts
Catholic News Service (21 September 2015)
TAYBEH, West Bank (CNS) — As Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem once again became embroiled in violence, locals and guests in Taybeh were enjoying ice-cold beers, grilled meats, frosted doughnuts and throbbing music as the all-Christian Palestinian village celebrated its 11th Oktoberfest.

Patriarch: Holy Land Christians “Pray, Weep, Suffer and Wait” With Jesus
Catholic News Service (26 September 2015)
PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Christian families in the Holy Land bear their daily suffering with hope, knowing that the cross is the cost of following Christ, said Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem.

Hebrew-Speaking Catholic Community Flourishes in Jerusalem
Catholic News Service (9 October 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — A smiling priest takes the tiny hand of the child tugging at his vestments, even before he leaves the altar, and together they jubilantly process out of the Sunday Mass as the congregants belt out an uplifting worship song in Hebrew.

Haram al Sharif, Temple Mount: Holy Site at Center of Increased Tensions
Catholic News Service (15 October 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — It has been painful to watch as violence has taken over Jerusalem once again, especially along the Via Dolorosa, where Jesus suffered in order to dissuade the use of violence, said Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali, Latin Patriarchate chancellor.

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The Rev. Androwas Bahus teaches children in the smallest of his parishes at St. Andrew the Apostle Melkite Greek Catholic Church, in Akko, Israel. (photo: Ilene Perlman)

The Christians of Gaza
In the Autumn 2016 edition of ONE, journalist Don Duncan profiles Sami El-Yousef, CNEWA's regional director for Palestine and Israel, as part of our special look at the Catholic Eastern churches.

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Ismaeel Maiatah, a Bedouin Christian, grazes his sheep on the outskirts of Ader, Jordan. (photo: Nader Daoud)

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Palestinian Christians Najwa and George Saadeh pray in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. (photo: Nadim Asfour)

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